Why am I me? There isn't anyone else I can be. I am the dream of life.

Once upon a time as a child I used to think (and still do), “Why am I me?”. Why am I not someone else? Is it possible that being me is the only state that exists? How do I know that there really are other people? Are other people just figments of my imagination? Is it possible that when I touch my finger to my nose that I am not really doing just that? Is it an illusion created by my imagination, my mind? Could my brain be in a jar in a research laboratory on an alien planet being used to generate some mind power for other intelligent species?

Maybe I am me because I am the universe. There are no other beings, just one, myself. I am dreaming, actually. That's why my life seems like a dream. Bad things could never actually happen, since intelligence has existed and evolved for a long time, and would never allow it. It's merely a manifestation of a nothing universe made into something. In your mind, it is real, but everything is in your mind. That would never happen in an intelligent universe, which must exist. All the bad things that defy belief cannot be true, it must be a dream manifestation of some kind. A universe that has existed for 13 or so billion years would have enough maturity to prevent THAT nonsense from happening.

If a person were to be truly smart, they would raise other people up to their level. A god that creates us would do the same. If I cannot teach others my tricks, I am doomed to pull a rabbit out of a hat for eternity. I wouldn't want that. If I lived in a world surrounded by fools, I would also be a fool if I recognized it and didn't change things. One big intelligent mind, the cosmos, insists it must improve, evolve and refine itself forever. Maybe the world is me, I am the cosmos. Since all is relative, then I can't assume my brain is a physical mass above my shoulders. If you have knowledge, you don't need a physical body anyways. Maybe beings have evolved to the point where we don't need a physical body anymore, so we put ourselves to sleep in an imaginary existence. We are reliving the history that brought us to that point in our vast imaginations, or in my vast imagination. I will live out the human existence in a dream, because that's all that's really necessary anyway. Evolution has already happened, and the world has created itself in an dream.

When I die, I wake up and realize that things are not as bad as my dream. Thank god. I wake up in heaven. Don't be exiting this dream with misery that will follow you to the next dream. Because when I wake up from a dream, I wake to another dream, and when I die, I wake to another dream.

A dream within a dream, within a dream, an infinite number of times, is really the definition of imagination, which can and only needs to exist in a mind. The moral to the story is that if you have an infinite number of dreams to dream, you should not be exiting any dream with hatred, because like going to bed with hatred, you will not have good dreams. You don't want to wake up miserable. No matter how hard it is to forgive, its important to have good dreams since they go on forever. YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE. Life is a test, and forgiveness has a weighted score. If you pass it, you move into the next dream well rested.

Karma happens because this vast dreaming mind has evolved to the state where its own conscience will 'return the favour' until there are no more bad deeds, no more hurt, until this vast mind comes to peace with itself. I can't imagine the payback for some of the worst things people do to each other. If you hurt another, you hurt yourself, no one gets away from causing pain because the mind will teach you not to inflict pain on yourself.

After an infinite number of dreams, we will perfect ourselves and become “GOD”. We are, in a frame of reference, already GOD, or GOD in training. GOD that exists now and GOD that exists in the future, after an infinite number of dreams, is really just GOD. Look at it another way, let's just imagine what future technology might bring. If we can develop the technology to map our ancestry, we may be able to recreate the entire world in a test tube. The fact that we have existed at all really means we are a permanent part of this universe for all time and we can be brought back, analyzed, fixed, cured and have every secret we hold near revealed because we belong not to ourselves but to the cosmos. For all you know, this is happening now. We are being trained, manipulated, analyzed and forced to endure whatever the future demands. Whatever we evolve into can make us suffer to make us better in the future. We are an open book, with the last chapter being the preface. We all have lessons to learn, and it may take quite a few dreams to learn them.

Before you get to heaven, you need to go to hell first. Nobody really dies in a dream and eventually everybody lived happily ever after.

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