Everybody Dreams, Everybody Prays...

When we dream in our sleep, our imagination is put into recharge mode to prepare the awake mind for new and challenging situations. Your dreams are based on reality but usually with a weird twist. That weird twist is generated by your mind in order to prepare your mind for the unexpected and thus stimulating your creativity to solve new and different situations and problems and allow that part of your mind to grow and flourish. If you're deprived of sleep, you'll be dreaming while you're awake and your important alertness will be compromised. You will be unable to focus properly.

When you awake from a good sleep, your dreams are focused. You have control of what you're dreaming about, and your focused hopes and wishes are in fact, prayers. You should realize that before a house was built, before a tool was made, before a telecope was viewed or an airplane was flown the idea was born in someone's imagination first. Whether people recognize that their good intentions, good aspirations and good ideas are in fact prayers doesn't matter as prayers unspoken are still prayers. If it helps to speak them, then speak them. Everybody prays and prayers come true. The most powerful prayers are the unselfish prayers, but even personal prayers work as well. It's about intention.

So your good thoughts, your hopes and wishes are prayers and prayers get answered, sooner or later. If you were to have an idea and dream about its existence, it already exists in your mind. Anything can make the journey from in your mind to the outside because both places are real. All good thoughts come true in time, all it takes is patience. God is what many of us put our hopes, good intentions, good aspirations and good ideas into. All of those are real, therefore God is real. When you have good thoughts and intentions, you have God inside you. God is as real as your hopes, wishes and dreams. Proof is all around us. To find good intentions, good aspirations and good ideas you can look outside of yourself or you can look inside.

True. An atheist believes that prayer doesn't work because there is no god. If there is no God, then a billion praying will change nothing. Actually, we don't live in a world where a billion praying changes nothing, we live in a world where only one person praying changes everything. Big ideas start in the mind, then materialize. First an idea, then from the imagination comes more reality, the physical world. A great invention exists first in someone's imagination. Our dreams and our wishes are encapsulated by our prayers. So prayers come true if you believe they will and many already have. God represents your good intentions and is therefore real.

So, in order to believe in dreams and hopes and good ideas you need to believe in yourself first because you're the one that gives life to them. If you believe in yourself, you should believe in God. If you believe in God, you should believe in yourself. Wondering if Heaven is real? Well, if everyone treated eachother respectfully, we would be in Heaven on earth. All problems can be solved.

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