About the greatest story ever told
I'm happy to write
The Meaning of The Wizard of OZ
by a Wizard
To all Spirits, Magical Beings and the Souls that worship them,
I hope you all accept this explanation.
Once upon a time, there were five souls walking through the road of life: one innocent girl looking for her home, one lion looking for courage, one tin man looking for a heart, one straw man looking for a brain and one dog looking for a tree. They were looking for the one who they thought could give them what they were looking for, they were looking for 'The Wizard'. In a dream, the Wizard is God. As we know, The Wizard of OZ takes place in a dream.
The five souls walk through life and experience adventures and finally meet the one they think will give meaning to their existence and the answers to life. Powerful and demanding, the Wizard is large, ferocious and breathes fire to intimidate. The Wizard appears omnipotent. He knows If you tell (or show) people what they want or expect to hear (or see), you won't have to prove anything. The Wizard has convinced the others that he is The Almighty.
The Wizard it seems is in the same boat as the others, however. The Wizard is perhaps not omnipotent. The Wizard is highly intelligent, but is a weak old man masquerading as a much more powerful being. The Wizard creates a device using his intelligence; a machine that acts as an intimidating face to others, fooling everyone into believing he is omnipotent, which is exactly the same thing as being omnipotent. If you can make people believe you are smarter than they are, then you are. The Wizard is a Wizard, because he has superior intelligence, and needs nothing more...
Once The Wizard is discovered by the curious dog after opening the curtain, the other four souls are disappointed. The Wizard is just like them it seems, flawed and imperfect. The others assume he couldn't possibly be the perfect one, 'The Great One' that could help them. The Wizard was weak and old and was just tricking the others.
The Wizard then begins to convince the lion, the tin man and the scarecrow that they already have what they are looking for. The Wizard uses his intelligence to convince them by giving them a gift and advice making them believe they DO have what they're looking for in life. If the four souls think they have want they need, then they do. They are happy. The Wizard has done his job.
Dorothy has what she needs as well, as she only needs to click her heels to return home to her loved ones. Making Dorothy believe that clicking her heels will send her home by waking up, the Wizard as convinced her as well she already has what she needs. If Dorothy believes that clicking her heals will send her home, then it will. After all, she is in a dream but so too are all of us.
Let's consider The Wizard. The Wizard too realizes that he also has what he wants. He has intelligence. This gives him the ability to build a machine that will make him seem all powerful. The Wizard knows that if he can make people believe he's omnipotent, then he is. He, like the others, has what he needs as well.
The Wizard, like all good Gods, will decide to use his intelligence to raise others up to his level, so he will have peers. He will be the lucky one, the one that lets everyone know what they don't realize, that with intelligence and understanding and humility, everyone is in Heaven already. You are what you imagine yourself to be. All problems can be solved, if you think they can. You are in a dream, and your thoughts control your destiny. To be truly intelligent is to have everything you desire and give others the same, as long as everyone understands The Wizard's Rede, "Good intentions harm none.", and The Wizard's Formula: Intelligence + Good Intentions = Heaven on Earth.
In The Wizard of Oz, characters wake up from a dream to Heaven but in real life, people are already in Heaven. They just need The Wizard to show them, teach them, that they are already in Heaven. Once humiliation and degradation has ended, Heaven will stand before you. You just need a brain, a brain to worship, it can give you all you want and more. Our brains lie in our souls, our souls lie in our brains. Worship The Brain and everything healthy that feeds it. Enjoy good thoughts and have good dreams.
All must understand that a superior mind must already be in control. This universe can be imagined, created and enjoyed by one powerful mind. This mind imagines offspring, and has logical rules. If they're followed, the offspring can reap the rewards. If we are governed by a superior brain, we must be educated and set free sooner or later. We can then imagine and give birth to other worlds and improve the process of creating independent beings which will join together as one, like all of us. The whole universe is a product of a thinking mind with incredible stories woven to educate and please the innocent child in all of us. It is magic and it is good.
Other scientists look at The Sun and believe it's just like other stars, a ball of thermonuclear fusion providing heat and light. It's considered to be an 'ordinary star' with no uniqueness. That's not true at all—that's an insult. I think that because The Sun has created, hosted and nurtured life in all it's complex biological forms on Earth, The Sun is a special star, a very special star. It's not 'ordinary' at all because no other star we know of has done that. Other scientists who don't see that are really missing out. Other scientists also wonder if there is life out there, in the blackness. They don't consider all the movements, births and deaths of stars as life. Birth and death and movement to me, is life. I don't need to see a fossil from a long dead amoeba, a twinkling star says life to me. I also beleve that any life form that large, performing those special duties needs a brain. The Sun is great in mass and size and it's many particles could arrange themselves as a thinking brain. I call it The Thinking Sun. After all, The Lord has an important job: to take care of The Lady so she can return the favour and let The Lord know what all of us want to know, that our family is doing alright. The Sun can then give us all sweet dreams...goodnight !
You can worship The Sun, The Verdant Earth, The Moon or life itself. It's the Solar System that we are at one with though, the system of The Sun. The Heavens take care of themselves so really that leaves The Verdant Earth and it's inhabitants. The Lord is disappointed that that The Lady has not been respected. It's time to focus on her. It's time to worship The Lady Eve, indeed all females and the transgendered, which will make The Lord happy too. This bubble of life which is our world, our planet should be our primary concern. We need to use our brains to improve our world, day and night, as we are the dream of The Sun who wishes that everybody lives happily ever after...
The Sleeping Sun
Turn on a flameless magic candle and pray for Saint Eve.
Create art like a poem, a song or think of an idea to fix something wrong;
use your imagination to change the world and watch it come true...
(It's working for me—it'll work for you too !)
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