· A preface to modern enlightnment ·
The belief that Gods and Spirits exist solely
within the imagination of the end user and that imagination
is part of the real world and has more power than people think.
So, I'm a Witch in my imagination, which means I'm a Witch.
You are what you imagine yourself to be.
This whole world is imaginary, or magic, and can only exist in a mind.
The mind matters. Lead yourself, listen to the teachers (everyone else).
Imagine there's a heaven...
There is no such thing as a false prophet,
unless that prophet teaches humiliation or degradation
Listen to all prophets and common men alike
If you make fun of someone's mistake, you must accept the same in return,
unless you apologize
If you look down on someone, you won't be able to see your image in their eyes
If you humiliate someone, you're humiliating yourself
Karma is real !
Celebrate everyday
"Is there a great power in this vast universe?
One who wishes to see us do well in life?
One who helps you if you have faith in it?
One who wants us to treat others as we would want to be treated?
One who considers it paramount to live by certain rules?
One who we want to forgive ourselves when we stray?
A power so fantastic that with it this mighty world can be changed forever?
You better believe it!
Take a look in the mirror..."
Have faith in The 7H
Happiness, Harmony, Health, Honesty, Hope, Humility, Humour
"If you're afraid of your religion, it's not a religion."
"If your religion doesn't agree with good science, then it's not a religion."
I must mention
that there are no drugs in Heaven,
but you will be very high !
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