Prose and Contradictions
Why am I me?
You god a wonder...
Everybody Dreams, Everybody Prays...
Does prayer work? Scientifically speaking, yes.
God is within your mind, your soul...
The Meaning of The Wizard of OZ by a Wizard
The greatest story of all time tells us the meaning of life...
A Hare of Truth
Ancient oriental myth or modern reality...
Medicinal Ice Cream
Revenge tastes sweet
The Riddle of The Sphinx Solved!
Greek messages travel through time
Democracy: The Best Form of Dictatorship
Time to update our understanding of the best form of government...
CIBC — A Four Letter Word !
Abusing privaledges and hurting students
Coming Soon...
Which Came Last, The Chicken or The Egg ?
Scientist Mike DeGrasse Tyson gets it wrong?
French Melons
How to recognize bolony.
Is Stephen Hawking a racist moron?
Finding wormholes in his intellect.
Autofellatio and Gay Rights
If all men could reach to fellate themselves, would they do it?
Are all men gay cocksuckers?
Redefining human sexuality leaves only three possible categories: Asexual, Bisexual and Dead.
Survival of the Fruitiest
The Darwinian Advantage of Homosexuality.