...the best form of dictatorship !
Democracy is similar to honesty, because neither exist in the purest form. In it's original form, voting was prohibited for women and slaves. Even in it's modern form, votes do not always count equally. Modern democracies also assume that voters are qualified and are immune to nefarious influences by foreign dictatorships. If a democracy relies on a dictatorship, is it really a democracy?
Often lawn signs are used to promote a candidate. The idea is that if people see a sign for a candidate they will tend to vote for that candidate, even if that sign explains nothing about their policies. Evidently it works. So polititians who promote democracy are willing to accept a vote from someone who votes based on who other people vote for, and not for their policies - the 'idiot' vote.
This is not the way we run our successful businesses and corporations, and shouldn't be the way we run our countries, our 'democracies'. The weight of each person's vote should be determined by a defined heirarchy. Some people have no voting rights, while others have more significant or preferred votes. When we vote on a jury, we are screened. Why are we not screened when we vote for our leader?
Most votes in our democratic system could be eliminated by one or two qualifying questions such as "Which party does your choice candidate belong to?" or "What is a major campaign promise of your choice candidate?". As silly as it may seem, there are many votes that should not be counted from those who are not making an intelligent informed decision. A superior form of government would be a noimocracy (based on the greek noimosyni meaning intelligence).
I believe there should be voter screening or testing that would ensure people would need a certain minimum level of knowledge and understanding before they would be allowed to vote. Those tests would have to be transparent and open to all so those that failed it could learn and qualify in the future. The way it is now, your vote will be diluted by other votes cast for the best looking candidate, lawn signs and other silly reasons. Furthermore, interest groups or other dictatorships around the world could easily influence hat ignorant vote and destroy our governments. Demolish democracy and nominate noimocracy !

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