A Hare of Truth

I was enjoying my summer workday as I discussed less work-related subjects with my Korean friend, I wish now I could remember his name. He seemed very professional, not one for small talk but then and again, he wasn't super well versed in english either. I managed to crack the ice as we stood together busily trying to look busy. I wondered if Jesus was as popular in Korea, and if not, what was popular. The soft spoken man looked up at me and smiled, he knew the story as well as any...and a few more that at the time seemed to fit into place. Mythology to him wasn't make belief---just another way of telling a story, not to be balked at.

He tried in broken english to tell the famous ancient oriental myth of two philosophers who gazed upon the moon and saw a hare holding a cup containing the elixer of life, and noted that man had actually gone to the moon. He admitted there were no hares there, but somehow he wanted to make a point--maybe that we reached for that elixer. I don't really understand what happened next as I waited for a punchline or moral to his story, but I just tried a mental exersise to find a relationship he would want to find to reinforce his well aged beliefs.

I admitted to myself that they didn't really find any hares or rabbits on the moon, and just as I did I asked out loud, "Well, let's see. Who was the first man to land on the moon?" His broken english raised slightly, "Neew Umstron". I repeated in better english, "Neil Armstrong". Yes, we agreed. Everyone knew that. I dropped down to a kneeling position, "Kneel", I said...(forming my body into a typical kneeling position)...holding up my two arms like a weightlifter---"ARMS STRONG!", I declared.

Darned if I didn't look like you know what.... "Raabbitt!!!!!!" he jolted. You should have seen the look on his face!!! I think I drove his beliefs far into the red, as he cell-phoned his relatives in Korea to give them the answer he so very much had hoped existed. Yes, man went to the moon, and the waskely wabbit was right under our noses. All you would have to do is ask any child, "Who was the first man on the moon?", and he or she will answer "Kneel Arms Strong". Yes, kneel arms strong went to the moon for discovery and exploration---the elixir of life. When he got there, he jumped around on the moon in his white suit like um....a rabbit? I balk no more...

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