Things that have already, are currently or will never change the world.
(Links to follow coming soon...)
The Birdseye Viewer
3 dimensional viewer brings a lifesize dimension to photography
Voice Disguising Phone filter
Become someone different for your own safety
Ready-Pick Pickle Jar
Because stabbing a pickle is so uncooth...
Make your Own Deodorant Stick
No more skin irritant - an all natural solution
Print from a laptop screen
Need a copy fast? No need for a printer!
Necklace Centering Method
Tired of the end link falling forward?
Square-Ended Knife
for scraping the bottom of jars
Shower Shoes
Non slip way of scouring the shower floor and your feet
Cooling Blanket
And why not?
Google Goggles
Surf the net in bright sunlight
Top Shelf Cupboard Drop
Access your top shelves with this idea
Multi-Dosing Alarm Clock
Remember to take your meds on time
Toilet Overflow Protection
Stop the flush before your floor gets shit-stained
Jar lids with grip
Why not make it easy to open a damn jar?
Mailbox Notifier
You've got snail mail!
External Fuse Tester
Know which fuse to change
Garage Door Open Warning
Simple way of checking status
Inside Windshield Wipers
Defog instantly
Visual Emergency Vehicle Proximity Sensor
Avoid the hazard of energency vehicles
Built-in Sidewall low pressure tire indicator
Make it obvious
Differential Fuel Pressure Guage
Keep your fuel pressure steady for reading
Car Audio Decibel Warning Meter
Protect your hearing!
Open your passenger window without straining
Spoiler Brake for a Car
Wind power saves your brake pads
Car HRS System (Heat, Rain, Security)
power window logic control for heat, rain and vehicle security
Car battery voltage/alternator ouput guage
Combining two important functions into one guage
Portable Car Sound System
Designed for reduced distraction
Steve's Strat Wiring Mod & Other Ideas
5-way switching alternative
Hijack Your CryBaby Wah Pedal
Using a guitar pot to control the wah effect
Phantom Fuzz & Wah
On-board fuzz or wah powered through a mono guitar chord
A+B Wah Pedal
Use your wah pedal as an AMP footswitch as well
The Jack Stack
AIO portable battery/phantom powered distortion/wah effect with mixed mp3 input and headphone output for your guitar. Play along with the tunes dude...