Cracking a Nut Allergy

When I was 4, I suffered an allergic reaction. The tops of my feet and my ankles were really itchy. After undergoing an allergy test, an allergy to walnuts was found. The doctor told me and my parents that ideally I should probably stay away from all nuts. I didn't follow that advice. I enjoyed all other nuts all my life, and still eat a variety of nuts everyday. My walnut allergy is not a serious one, I can tolerate the reaction to a couple of walnuts, although hopefully not for long. I cannot keep eating them without knowing that my itching feet are caused by them, I'd go nuts. Funny thing is, I don't particularly like walnuts anyway. I can easily avoid them. There is another reason why I don't want a walnut allergy though.

Walnuts find their way into foods through contamination. When you see a label on many food products, usually other nut snacks, or ther processed foods, sometimes it says something like "may contain traces of peanuts or other nuts." Usually contimated foods that become contaminated from being produced in the same factory that other nuts are processed in are contaminated with peanuts. Peanuts are the most common nut. I don't have a problem with peanuts. I never worried about eating foods which may contain other nuts because the other nuts are almost never walnuts. Walnuts are in banana bread, in cereals, and thats about it. One day I ate a sesame seed snack made in China, that did have a warning about other nuts. I didn't read it, and because I had eaten the typical 'sesame snack' treat before, I didn't think twice.

I broke out in hives all over. I was scratching everywhere for hours. After 8 hours or so, I was covered in scratches. It was the most severe reaction I've ever had. There must have been lots of walnuts in there! I went nuts with a walnut allergy. Since it's hard to completely avoid walnuts because foods may be cross-contaminated, it would be great not to have a walnut allergy. What if I applied the same method as the ragweed cure, eating a small tolerable amount of walnut everday to create an immunity? I've nothing to loose, I'll just make sure I take a very small amount of walnut everyday. As long as I don't have a reaction, I should build up an immunity to walnuts. Some might argue that this is not very scientific. How scientific do you think it is to scape someone's skin creating an open sore, and then drop a unscientific amount or blob on top to watch for a reaction? Well actually it is somewhat scientific, and so is my idea. Waiting at the doctors office for an allergy shot is too much effort for some of our lesser allergies. The allergy shot has been around for too long. It's a pain and there's no reason we can't treat our allergies ourselves conveniently. After six months, going from a smail grain to a half a walmut, I succeeded in breaking this allergy, retraining my immune system. I can eat a quarter cup of walnut halves now, with no reaction. Seriously.

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