The Michelin Man is No Star

The leading cause of premature death in the world is poor diet. Too much food is now actually more of a problem than too little food. Actually, the problem is too much bad food. Added sugar, added salt and added fat have skewed our bodies ability to maintain itself. Although salt itself, sodium chloride, has zero calories, it causes increased appetite and increased consumption as well as other health problems.

Salt is a non-organic compound (often added to so-called organic foods) and mostly an added ingredient. Eating processed food or restaurant food is the best way to eat added salt, sugar and fat. So restaurants are a major culprit in obesity worldwide. Guess what? There is actually an award for restaurants, the coveted Michelin Star. The symbol of this award is, belive it or not, a man made out of spare tires (not making this up).

So, I gather that a restaurant that serves food, added with extra sugar, salt and fat would like to be known as a contributor to this worldwide health threat. What better way than to earn an award whose symbol is a man made from spare tires?

In my world, a restaurant would covet a prize whose symbol would be Vitruvian Man, with a spinach leaf covering his penis. Or maybe just Jack Lalanne.

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