The Purpose of Life
Steve Bird's complaint to the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons and Health Canada involving 12 doctors and their unbelivable responses
If you've ever been tested for sleep apnea, a psychiatric disorder, headaches, dizzness, dry mouth, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and other ailments too numerous to mention, or have ever seen a doctor, have a glass of water and read this...We're in trouble!
Red Meat and Cancer
An evolutionary look at why red meat may cause cancer
Retire The Michelin Man
Wanna be a fat pig? Look for the symbol...
Cracking a Nut Allergy
Go nuts...
Steve's Nasal Solution
No Neti Pot mess with this cure for the most incredible bad breath known to man
Coming soon...
Planning for a diet. Created by someone who conquered diabetic blood glucose levels. Finally, the words 'balance' and 'satisfaction' are included in a novel approach to eating properly
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Garlic, Tumeric, Red Meat - Cohort Epidemiological Studies
Don't let the bullcrap blind you
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Do cellphones cause brain cancer, and if so, does texting cause finger cancer?
A radiating look
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Global Warming - A Hot Topic
...but what's festering underneath?
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The Dreaded 'Splashback'
The reason we should wash our faces
Coming soon...
Hand Washing may not be the best way to prevent infectious diseases
Let's put a finger on it
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How to hasten a recovery from hemmerhoids or anal fissures using PDL
An answer that will alleviate pain immediately, healthfully and inexpensively
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Ontario Science Center or Junk Food Daycare Centre?
We're certainly not teaching the science of proper diet
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The Campaign for Vitamin X
Raise your I.Q. with this overlooked vitamin: EXERCISE